Hobaica Services is a family owned & operated HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical provider founded in 1952. Hobaica is one of the fastest growing companies in the Phoenix area. We have the best reputation that is built on over 60 years of experience with highly satisfied customers, in the valley & proud of it! If you want much more than just another job, we may be the perfect career choice for you.

TOP PAY, Bonus Opportunities and spiff opportunities!

• Year round work
• Great pay & incentives
• Advancement opportunities
• Job diversity
• Friendly & supportive team atmosphere
• Factory & in house training
• On the job training
• Employee recognition programs
• Drug free environment
• Paperless dispatch with ipads
• Health insurance premium paid 100%
• Retirement plan with company match
• Dental, vision, disability, life insurance
• Paid sick, vacation, birthday & holidays

 Our Values:
• Likeable. . .always friendly & cheerful
• Ethical. . .treating others as we want to be treated
• Trustworthy. . .it's our promise
• Reliable. . .we're always here
• Knowledgeable. . .we know our business
• Comfort. . .it's our top priority
• Safety. . .never compromised
• Memorable. . .creating positive memorable experiences




Are You An Outside (In-Home) Sales Professional Who Wants To Work For A Thriving Company Where You Can Grow, Be Recognized, And Be Rewarded For Your Work?


Stop Working At A Job That You Hate. Work With Friends In An Environment That Rewards You For Your Hard Work And Provides A Life-Long Career


>> We Don’t Want To Be A Pit Stop In Your Career – We Want To Be The Last Job You’ll Ever Have (Because You Can’t Imagine Working Anywhere Else) <<


Every Day Is Amazing


You show up to work every day happy to be part of a winning team. (You’d NEVER do this at your old job but this is a tight-knit group and you love working with them and our customers).


You work hard because everyone else on your team works hard too. You push yourself today, and every day, because you know that growing in your own position ensures a career for life… and there’s a bunch of great incentives available.


At the end of the day, you wrap up the last few tasks and realize that you love what you do for a living, working with a great team and making the world a better place one life at a time.

As you drive home, you reflect that this place is unlike any other job you’ve had before, and you can’t wait to get back to this team again tomorrow.


Does this sound like a place you’d like to spend your day?


If you’re a clock-puncher who wants to do as little as possible then please stop reading this right now. This is not for you.




  • If you work at a job you can barely tolerate…
  • If you work at a job where you are not respected…
  • If you work at a job that fills you with dread the night before…
  • And if you want to wake up in the morning because you CAN’T WAIT to work with a great team and to push yourself to be more successful, and to make a lot of money


Then we want to talk!


We’re looking for team members who are starving to push themselves, to earn the money and recognition they deserve, and to have an amazing life-long career in an environment where you love what you do every day.


What’s So Different Here?


Our formula is simple: to become the company where people can thrive, reach their fullest potential, really enjoy their work, make a great living and love living the dream in creating better lives.


Here are just a few of the reasons that our team members LOVE working here

  • Make more money…we pay more than most
  • Your birthday is a paid day off
  • Paid training & certification
  • Holidays and vacation days paid
  • Paid wellness days
  • Incentive programs
  • Free gift cards of your choice
  • Fully paid vacations of your choice…that’s right, we pay for you and your family’s vacation!
  • Amazing matching 401(k)
  • Medical/Dental/Vision & Life insurance
  • Health savings account, HSA
  • Health reimbursement account, HRA
  • Company provided vehicle
  • All company meetings 2x per month, filled with fun team participation, recognition, awards, spiff checks, gift cards & MORE
  • A clearly laid out path to build the life-long career you want to create
  • You’ll Lika…Hobaica!


We have built the strongest team and culture you’ve ever seen, where team members are deeply motivated; we care about you and your hobbies and your family and your free time and make sure that can have that balance in your life to enjoy it all; we’re constantly expanding and creating amazing new opportunities for you.  We want to help you dream big in your life and career… and we want to help you achieve it all.


Who Are We? We’re Hobaica Services. We began over 65 years ago by our founder, Paul S. Hobaica. In 1989, 2 of his sons, Paul & Louis took over the company, continued to build, expand & grow. Today we are the market leaders, the most LIKABLE people you’ll ever meet, legendary in the Phoenix market with Cooling, Heating, Plumbing, Wine Cellars, Water Purification, Home Performance and more.

... and it feels like we’re only getting started. We recently expanded into an 18,000 sq’ building and we’re adding more services & team members every day, You’ll Lika…Hobaica!



Are You A Fit?


Never look for a job again because we’re not a pit stop in your career – we’re the last place you’ll ever work!


If you’re a likable hard-working professional with an inner drive to improve yourself and help others then you may be a fit for our team…


Along with the job-specific qualifications identified below, here are some of the qualities we’re looking for in additional team members:


  • You work hard & love to win
  • You love working with a team & living our MantraDo Whatever It Takes
  • You’re a problem solver & love to make things better
  • You love to serve others because it feels good
  • You love to challenge yourself and you want to learn
  • You understand the importance of serving others (your team members and customers)
  • You live your life by Our Promise; We Do The Right Thing, Even When Nobody Is Watching
  • You are in alignment with our Core Values:
    • Likable…we’re the most likable people you’ll ever meet
    • Ethical…we treat you like you want to be treated, by doing the right thing
    • Trustworthy…feel confident that we’ve got you covered
  • about you. You check in with the office, get your next appointment. The whole day is like this, with one win after another, as you improve lives every day and feel great about making a difference. You’re already looking forward to tomorrow!


    Job Duties:


    Work with the team: You stay in contact with your team to make sure our customers are taken care of efficiently – everyone pitches in because we live our mantra every day…We Do Whatever It Takes!


    Become a trusted professional: You work directly with customers to help them choose the right HVAC solution for their family. Customers trust your guidance & expertise because they trust & believe in you.





    Job Requirements:


    You are highly motivated: You have a drive to learn more because you know that it serves everyone, from the customer to the team to yourself. You push yourself to meet more customers and help them towards their best solution.


    You’re a natural salesperson: You are comfortable around people and love helping them reach a decision that’s right for them. You’re not pushy but you’re also not a pushover. Some have said that you can “sell snow to an Eskimo.” Ideally, you have at least 4 years of sales experience in which you help customers feel confident about making high-cost decisions that may be complex and technical for them.  Prior HVAC sales experience or HVAC equipment/technical knowledge is preferred.


    You’re ready to work: You have a driver’s license, are insurable, drug free with a ready-to-work attitude and can work days, evenings, and weekends to meet with customers in their homes at their convenience.


    You’re a professional: You are clean, neat, and well-groomed and can confidently and clearly interact with anyone…you’re a likable people person.


    Now Is Your Time


    To get started, click the “Apply” button now and send us your resume.

    We Promise, You’ll Lika…Hobaica!