Security Design Engineer

Tempe, AZ posted on September 30

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    HIRING: Security Design Engineer in Tempe, AZ

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    CLP is currently hiring Security Design Engineer for a project in the Santa Rosa, California.

    This is for an Electronic Systems Security Design Engineer supporting a wide variety of security system technologies. This position is responsible for the design and implementation of systems into new or existing security infrastructure, including Physical and Logical Access Control Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, Networking Monitoring, Network Intrusion Systems, CCTV, and Perimeter Protections.

    This position involves all aspect of security design and requires individuals who are willing to validate designed solutions in a hands on environment where our engineers build and test the systems they design in a lab environment.

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    Mechanical Engineer Job Description

    ·         Design of security system architecture for ACS, IDS, CCTV, etc.

    ·         Design of LAN and WAN topologies for security systems including switches, routers, and firewalls

    ·         Integration of security systems with VMWare, Windows, and Unix operating systems

    ·         Perform various engineering and implementation tasks such as Site Surveys; system Verification and validation testing including Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Pre-Installation and Test Check Out (PITCO), and System Operational Verification Tests (SOVT); and engineering escalation support for project and operational environments

    ·         Support for Certification and Accreditation of networks and platforms.

    ·         Develop wiring and mounting details in AutoCAD

    ·         Analyze data collected during site surveys with an emphasis on identified field of specialty

    ·         Work with more senior engineers in enhancing and contributing to the equipment library

    ·         Vet new equipment/systems through the product lab

    ·         Assist with generation of PITCO, performance verification testing and field device testing plans

    ·         Generate various calculations; including but not limited to power, heat, voltage drop, conduit sizing

    ·         Develop compliance matrices and other project support documentation

    ·         Validate drawing package to ensure conformity to all requirements listed in the compliance matrix

    ·         Research optimal equipment/systems to be included in proposals

    ·         Identify and resolve field device and system application and interoperability issues

    ·         Utilize trade drawings (i.e. architectural, electrical, mechanical and civil) in order to identify potential design and installation problems

    ·         Assist in the development of drawing sheet requirements for a design package

    ·         Assist in mentoring associate engineers

    ·         Develop an in depth knowledge of and utilize relevant sections of NEC, NFPA 101, ICD 705, NISPOM and other industry standards documents as part of design and installation efforts

    ·         Participate in Engineering peer reviews for Quality Control and Quality Assurance

    ·         Support and author white papers for information sharing and collaboration


    ·         Must be able to successfully pass an extensive background check and obtain a security clearance

    Education & Work Experience

    ·         Minimum Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Electrical Engineering or related discipline

    ·         Must have minimum 3-5 years in electronic and/or Electronic Security Systems (ACS / IDS /CCTV / Biometrics) engineering.

    ·         Or must have 4-6 years of experience with an Associate's Degree

    ·         Ability to work in a busy and sometimes stressful environment

    ·         Committed to safety at all times

    ·         Reliable attendance

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