Senior Plaster / Drywall Estimator

Tempe, AZ posted on October 3

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    HIRING:  Senior Plaster / Drywall Estimator in Tempe, AZ

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    CLP is currently hiring Senior Plaster / Drywall Estimator for an upcoming project in the San Jose, California area.

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    Job Description

    ·         Estimate and bid residential and commercial projects

    ·         Research and gather data to fully understand project specifications

    ·         Build and maintain ongoing and up to date knowledge of material costs, labor costs and production rates

    ·         Perform take offs electronically with Excel and/or purpose-built estimating systems

    ·         Process change order requests

    ·         Work closely with Superintendents and Foremen; provide job information as necessary

    ·         Follow up on contracts for completeness of paperwork

    ·         Update contracts as needed when change of pricing occurs

    ·         Prepare bid packages, including clearly-defined qualifications & clarifications

    ·         Transmit addenda and other bid information to 2nd-tier subcontractors

    ·         Show creativity and resourcefulness to gain better pricing from subcontractors

    ·         Submit 100% of bids and budgets by the deadline

    ·         Review bid requirements thoroughly and asks follow-up question on every bid as needed

    ·         Have a thorough understanding of the scope for specific trades assigned

    ·         Understand how to fit labor and subs to the size/scope of project

    ·         Consistently follows up on submitted bids and budgets with client and/or GC

    ·         Maintain knowledge and network of architects, GC's, property managers, and individual clients to help in attaining and closing business

    ·         Review budget with Project Management team and highlight any subs/material vendors that still need to be awarded and areas of concern

    ·         Attend job walks

    ·         Review estimates before bids go out

    ·         Seek and qualify new 2nd tier subcontractors as needed

    ·         Prepare production quantities/bid estimates

    ·         Prepare bid letters as needed

    ·         Discuss and negotiate with vendors and 2nd-tier subcontractors in order to obtain the best prices and quality of work possible

    ·         Participate in post project review meetings on very large or significant projects to review performance and lessons learned

    ·         Use value engineering to increase profitability of jobs and increase competitiveness of bid

    ·         Research options for materials, equipment and 2nd tier subcontracted work needed and obtain multiple quotes

    ·         Train subordinates and/or coach co-workers in work areas where they may not be knowledgeable enough yet or where they may be having difficulties

    ·         Assist potential clients, GC's and other important parties with questions and/or information requests in a timely and polite manner, ensuring a positive working relationship

    ·         Respond to all incoming bid requests and determine jobs to bid on

    Job Requirements

    ·         Must be able to follow directions of journey-level drywaller

    ·         Reliable transportation

    ·         Tools of your trade

    ·         Verifiable references

    Ideal Candidates

    ·         Experience preferred

    ·         Committed to safety at all times

    ·         Reliable attendance

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