Pictures of My 1985 22re Toyota build. Also two Custom Ornamental doors i Fabricated and built.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of me welding or fitting any pipe at a job site. But most of the places I have worked will not let you take a cell phone, or camera onto the property for safety as well as confidentiality reasons. So I put up some pictures of when I rebuilt the motor and built a completely custom Turbo Kit for my 1985 22re Toyota as well as Two Pictures of two Custom Ornamental Gates, or Doors that I Fabbed and Built at a shop that I worked at.
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    Turbo down pipe after I go done welding it all together
  • A72ccdef677cc8615092d5d7b1ea7292
    Turbo down pipe fit up.
  • Dcb4b3f75398a7ce4fa6b1034c4cfb29
    Turbo Down Pipe Fabrication.
  • C0c73cd65a96d1379050bc5993f4cc87
    Turbo down pipe Fabrication.
  • 50bd1f333fa8b96f02133b2b48441cef
    Layout of bends for air inlet tubing.
  • 95bb362ad736f74c55b535c803ca68fc
    Layout for aluminum tubing from intercooler to throttle body.
  • Dff60e292bee43a34772394ad8553255
    1985 Toyota with the engine out of it.
  • A0e7e23142ff4daceeaaf6b53b5fa7ba
    1985 Toyota with 22re and custom turbo kit all assembled and place back into vehicle.
  • 448c970e8769338e3f3b447b89cadce8
    Close up if Exhaust manifold and Turbo Down pipe that I fabricated and built.
  • E0126976147e04d1880c0a35461c609c
    Close up of Turbo intercooler after grill was put back on.
  • 5c06bf6b58c4cdcc93bc8aff41e10e30
    This is a really pretty introkit door that I built for a customer from the ground up.
  • F9eda562579dacbb9e84381fa056d032
    Another shot of custom ornamental door I built for a customer.
  • 341c22f00490b296447bbd3b2f21200a
    Turbo down pipe fit up.
  • 8f70701f44efbabef005d2be836b6ce4
    Exhaust manifold after I had cut the flanges out on the mill and welded it together.
  • E002186fb3f78f569b224172842a1bc6
    I had to weld extensions on to the intercooler.
  • 6602ae58b07c68dd84011bfcf5be6923
    Intercooler fit up.
  • B70d490e3417f73f922f517140448e66
    I couldn't bend that small of a radius so I just cut and welded two 45's to make the bends needed.
  • 875a1a02e2976fab0ab9b0ccdd392552
    22re Engine after rebuild and construction.